Skincare for everyone that moves.


Who you are is your business. Skincare is ours.

Natics’ all-natural skincare products are made for human beings on the go.

Smart, affordable, gender-free quality skincare made from some truly incredible natural ingredients. And we make it because we’re freakin’ skincare fanatics.

Natural AF

Natural AF

Natural AF

Natural AF

“My Natics goes with me wherever I go. I love how convenient it is! It helps me stay moisturized because I keep it with me, but also because it’s a fantastic product.”

- Laurie Z.

“I love how natural and holistic Natics is. I don’t want to put chemicals that I can’t even pronounce on my skin.”

- Allie R.

“For me, the best thing about Natics is how natural it is. It’s like they left all the bad stuff out. I love it! It leaves my skin feeling fresh and full of glow.”

- Kaliyah A.

"EVERY acne treatment I’ve ever used has dried out my skin. I’d basically given up until I tried Natics’ Revive Turmeric Mask. Cleared my acne and moisturized at the same time!"

- Manny G.

"I’m totally obsessed with this moisturizer. The feel, the fragrance, the convenience, everything about it!"

- Blake K.

“Finally, a skincare product that understands me! It’s like Natics’ Vitamin C On-the-Glow Balm knows exactly what I need it for.”

- Bethany G.

“I've struggled with dry, sensitive skin for years. This balm is a game-changer. It's gentle on my skin, hydrates deeply, and has significantly reduced my redness. Plus, it's cruelty-free, which is a big win for me!”

- Sasha S.

Meet Gabby


Skincare fanatic and content creator Gabby Murray was tired of searching high and low for a high quality brand that checked all the right boxes, so she started her own. Natics is dedicated to everyone who cares about beautiful, healthy skin.